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Ambience Sounds

Ambience Sounds

I’m going to talk about a new trend that I found recently and fall in love with. But first of all, don’t misunderstand if you see the term ASMR in some of the videos I’m going to share. This term has many meanings which might not be all innocent nor relaxing 😗 some are creepy.

However, this term is being used lately for relaxation videos and you can tell they are just a bunch of relaxation videos! nothing but a good side of the world.  

Sometimes when I’m reading a novel or studying I like to listen to something, but music and songs can be a distraction. 

I found many videos on YouTube –basically, they call it ASMR now but it should be called Ambience Sounds or something, I don’t know– in which a video is designed to help you relax or focus or just feel the atmosphere of a place you like.

For example, there are videos for coffee shops lovers. you will see the view of a coffee shop table or window, you can hear voices of people talking and walking around. the kitchenware etc. 

Also, what impressed me was the videos made for a certain movie or series, like the ones I’m going to share with you! I will never be able to express my amazement so I’ll show you 4 videos, and 1 channel that mastered this art of creating themes and scenery to take you to your favorite movie/game. 😍

The first video is for “Harry Potter” fans. it’s inside a cottage. if you leave it playing while reading or doing something you’ll notice the video starts at the sunrise, then you’ll see how the light is changing like if it’s afternoon or later of the day. this detail is wonderful and realistic. 😭❤

The second video is from harry potter too <– big fan. 😬

This is Gryffindor common room, the fireplace and the rain sounds are soothing. It’s also known how these kinds of sounds help with insomnia. 


Now, the YouTube channel that enchanted my heart. They have amazing ideas. For example, a potion shop!! 

The channel name is: The Guild of Ambience (link)


Watch the potion shop video!! I wish I had a potion shop! 😭❤


 Finally, Winterfell Video. Honestly it’s gloomy but some people like this kind of sceneries. and I like the music.

Next time you want to read, draw, sew or write play one of these videos. and you can find something that helps you meditate but make sure it isn’t a distraction. 

There’s a second part of this post (here)


Antheia Art

Antheia Art

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