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Google Keep is where you can keep all your notes, lists, alarms and even recorded notes. You can download the app for android / IOS. Also, you can use google keep on your browser.

It’s free! all you need is your google account.

Things you can do:

  • Change the background color of each note.
  • Add Alarms for each note.
  • Add Checklists.
  • Pin one important note.
  • Many other features you will discover


This is what my google keep looks like:

Google Keep

I had to write like this as an example, try not to read 😂

I’ve made these headers and uploaded them to my store in case you wanted to have them. But they can be used as stickers or journal headers or anything, printable or digital.

The first one that says ( Antheia’s Keep ) is not included in the set! ✋🏽

Finally, you can get the app from the main website: (Click here)

Also, To get my headers set: (Click here)



Antheia Art

Antheia Art

Female ☾ INFP ☾ Blogger ☾ Digital Artist ☾ Ambivert ☾ Green witch I like Fantasy ☾ Folklore ☾ Moon ☾ Yoga ☾ Meditation ☾ bullet journaling and planning




  • onlydalya

    I believe your amazing artwork make it fabulous .. keep up the amazing work that you used to do ♥️♥️😍

    • Antheia Art

      Why thank you, dear! I appreciate your support and high expectations ❤️❤️❤️😘

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