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Hello, This is the lazy woman writing~
I’m a Hobbit/LOTR fan. Digital Artist who works for herself.
I sell my art as printables / digital products.
Some of my upcoming plans involve selling actual products (I mean physical).

But I’m still working on my other priorities for now.

I use procreate / iPad pro to draw most of my art.

If I can help people with something they need I will be super delighted

but I will lose my nerve and become a super Saiyan if:
someone relies on me just because he/she is too lazy to learn or work.
I know some people use me and only remember me when I’m needed.
nobody likes to be used, So don’t be shocked if I treated you like a stranger.

You will find all the links in the menu above or at the footer of my site.

Feel free to use the “contact me” tab at anytime you want.
Your E-mails are important to me and I will always help you with the best I can.