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Anxiety Kit

Hey! I don't want a sad, anxious picture here.

Hello Love! (it’s a long topic so turn on some music and bring your drinks, put on your face mask or anything to relax)

This page is a collection of methods, directions and tools that may help you with anxiety. It’s a personal effort out of my experience. I’ve tried many things that didn’t work, so I’ve decided to collect the successful ones for you. I even included Tv series / books / apps / YouTube channels that helped me kick out the negative feelings.

I’ve used some of these methods with panic attacks as well.  I hope you’ll find this anxiety kit useful.


What anxiety feels like? 

Symptoms can be different from person to another. For me, there were some nights when I wake up at night freezing and worrying, life is so tight and the feeling is smothering me. Every thought in my mind is scary and painful. Even thinking about my favorite hobbies terrifies me. After my friend Mona told me that I’m dealing with anxiety, I started my first step towards healing.”Knowing it” was my tiny light in the darkness around me. I kept telling myself ( it’s ok, it’s just my anxiety playing the tricks, everyone is ok, I’m ok, and it’s summer so I’m freezing because of the anxiety only, I’m not gonna be sick or anything. It’s ok to be scared for a moment while I find a funny youtube video or something to takes me out of the situation ) Believe me, This helps.


First, Understand your anxiety

  • What are the causes?

It’s true that anxiety might be caused by shock or trauma. But, sometimes your anxiety can be due to lack/imbalance of vitamins or hormones. I’ve spent a load of my money to check the wrong vitamins. Some doctors will keep ignoring every vitamin in your body and accuse your poor iron or vitamin D or Thyroid. However, these are not always the cause. Vitamin B12, for example, can play with your mood and sometimes cause anxiety. Vitamin C does that too. Many factors might cause anxiety and can be fixed. Read about vitamins and hormones. Also, read about their deficiencies. This is important.

On a paper, write down everything. You can draw a table and add each vitamin/hormone and check if you have deficiency or imbalance. In the end, you’ll have a clear picture on which vitamins or hormones you might need to fix. Well, this is what I did because I couldn’t make a full test on each hormone and vitamin on my body. I took the list to a doctor and made the blood test for them and bingo! they were really low!. I should tell you, I haven’t used medicine or pills on them all. For most of them, I used natural sources. except for vitamin C because it was really low and the medicine wasn’t that strong.


  • What triggers your anxiety?

Hearing bad news. Watching News on TV about wars and victims. Feeling insecure because of your financial state. Exams. Family drama/friends drama. Losing someone.

Usually, you’ll deny it, ( But, I don’t think about it! ) You don’t but it’s buried deep in your unconscious mind. Make a journal for your anxiety and write what happened during each day your anxiety visits you. You’ll start to see a clear picture of the incidents which triggers your anxiety.

Even extreme excitement can trigger it but this is a good thing. Some experts will advise you to turn your fear into excitement because they give you almost the same body effect. So when you’re afraid of something try to tell yourself you’re actually excited about it, that’s why your heart is beating faster. And then lower your excitement because this is something we are good at lol.


  • How strong is your anxiety?

If it’s in a level that can push you to hurt yourself or someone else, please don’t deal with it alone. You should find professional help. This blog won’t help you nor this anxiety kit.


  • Be sharp

Notice extra information about your anxiety. For example, mine attacked me at night. So I started to sleep early and wake up very early to feel the sunrise energy. My anxiety had never attacked during the day unless I was really scared of it to the level that my fear actually summoned it right away (Be scared of it and it’ll smell the fear and find you. Then you’ll enter a loop which is so hard to escape). Also, there’s another thing to watch is “How often did it visit”. “During certain weather?” “When you’re around a certain kind of people?” Maybe you’re an Empath person who can sense other people’s fear or anxiety. Staying away from them might solve it.

Before we go to the fun part, you need to make some tiny changes to your daily routine and life. Get up!

About your daily routine

  • Make a fresh start by buying a new plant.

There are many plants in my room from the time I had anxiety, they remind me how well I’m now, I feel grateful every day I think of it. Planting has many benefits. It can reduce anxiety and help to sleep.


  • Give your room a makeover.

Not by changing the style or buying stuff! Changing the furniture’s places are enough. More than enough!! You want to feel the changes, not just inside you.
Now, in case you’re like ( No I like my room like this ) it’s up to you, but remember everything is temporary. I was ready to sleep in a cage if that’s what it takes. Hang on the wall some cheerful pictures that make you feel connected to life, out of your mind.


  • Study yourself. It sounds weird.

Do you know the Myers–Briggs type indicator (MBTI)?
Know what type of personalities you are. What is your week points and strong points? Take your test on a professional website, because sometimes I see some bloggers writing weird stuff that can’t be true. When you answer the question of the test you can ask someone for help. Someone who knows you and can tell if your answers are coming from your old self or your anxious self. I did that and got clear answers.

How can this step help? It will prepare you for a whole new life after you heal. You don’t want to go back to the same situation that leads you here. Knowing ourselves in a professional way is important.


  • Sleeping can be hard sometimes?

Your mind is gonna discuss some ugly ideas with you right before you fall asleep. This can happen with anyone, even those who don’t deal with anxiety. The solution for this is fun and simple. Hopefully available at your drawers. Get an MP3 player, fill it with audiobooks, podcasts, meditations or music. I filled mine with audiobooks. One of the books I chose was “The Arabian nights”. Oh man, every night is better than the one before. It’s like if someone is telling you bedtime stories. Admit it, you still like it.

I highly recommend this!! It seems nothing to you. But don’t judge until you try. Get ear-friendly earphones. The player itself shouldn’t be a cell phone or any device with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi ability.
Please make sure your earphones wires aren’t long and loose. You don’t want to die in your sleep. I used iPod Shuffle to clip the wires to my pajamas. This way it can’t go around my neck while sleeping.


  • Never watch/read News. Own your business, you’re not superman

I uninstalled twitter from my cell phone since then. And I never watch TV unless it’s a movie that won’t break my heart at the end. Even social media can hurt you, watch pleasant things. You only live once and you can’t help anyone, you can’t save the world so why watching it and bleed out your heart? You won’t miss anything. It’s been over 2 years since I stop watching or knowing unpleasant things. And nothing happened to me, Only GOOD things are happening every day. If there’s something so important believe me, you’ll hear about it from people whether you want or not.


  • Be grateful.

The more you’re grateful from the deepest spot in your heart you’ll keep attracting more happiness. Might sound like a repeated talk, I used to think the same, then I tried it and I found many meanings in my life. But I’m not talking positive rubbish. Live isn’t pink and I don’t sugarcoat the facts. when something worth being mad I simply get mad. I’m not perfect.


Now to the Tools – the anxiety kit

These are the tools you’ll need whenever your anxiety or panic attacks pay you a visit. That’s why I called it anxiety kit.

These will be updated whenever I discovered more. They’re not about anxiety, I mean, they do Not talk about anxiety or lecture you about it. On the contrary, they help you think away from anxiety.



  • One day at a time.
  • The good place.



  • Eckhart Tolle’s books. (All his books are HIGHLY Recommended).
  • What I know for sure. By: Oprah Winfrey
  • The seat of the Soul. By: Gary Zukav
  • The little book of hygge. By Meik Wiking
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher stone. By: J.K Rowling


Phone apps

  • Tide (Very F Highly Recommended)
  • Simple Habit (There’s a website too, and it’s full of treasures)
  • Wildflowers (You can use it for free if you don’t want to subscribe)


Youtube Channels

  • Jonna Jinton. My No.1 channel. I admire Jonna and the way she lives. She lives in harmony with nature.


  • Peaceful Cuisine. Even his cooking can be relaxing. His videos will make you stop thinking excessively about anything. He’s talented.


  • 李子柒 Liziqi. I think she’s famous and most people know her. Her videos bring peace and tranquility from nature to you. The quality, colors, landscapes in her videos are enough to calm your mind.


Finally, Some Extra ideas and tools beside the anxiety kit

  • Aromatherapy

Light some candles and turn on a diffuser with some essential oils. Lavender, for example, is an effective oil for anxiety and panic attacks. It’s known for its healthy benefits. You can read about it and about the aromatherapy. It was one of my best methods I used.


  • Art and skills

Not necessarily drawing. Any kind of art or skills to practice and improve. Improving your skills will grow your self-confidence and keep your mind busy and positive!  Negative thoughts bring anxiety over anything, even if it was a torn paper! So keep your mind positive and busy.


  • Fix your sleeping schedule.

Studying, Drawing, watching movies, or just browsing on your laptop won’t help you fight back. The nights will be your enemy for a while. You’ll see how uncomfortable you’ll be as soon as the light fades away from the sky.
Sleep early! I know it seems like I’m encouraging you to run away instead of fighting.
But this is temporary until you heal and be your mighty self again. But for now Sleep Early.
Make a cheerful schedule. I used to wake up early and watch the sunrise.
Thinking how grateful I am for having this moment without any negative feelings (The early hours in the morning have incredible waves of positive energy).
I started planting too. Plants are peaceful and have high vibrations.


  • Stop drinking coffee and tea.

It’s hard I know, I’m drinking tea now while writing, but of course after I healed myself and cleaned out the negativity from my energy.
Start a little by little. Reduce your daily dose of caffeine. Today drink half mug if you can’t stop it right away. Next day make it lesser and lesser until you quit. Why am I saying this although coffee is considered water to many people? I’m not torturing you. Studies show that caffeine makes your anxiety worse. It literally puts you in a “fight or flight” situation. In short: Caffeine feeds your anxiety. Another Enemy you have to watch for.

Can’t do it? no worries: ( Can’t stop drinking coffee? Here’s an anxiety-Free coffee ).


  • Yoga – Meditation – flexibility training.

Pick the right thing for you. Don’t push yourself. I really think you should meditate daily and practice yoga or any kind of sports. But if you’re busy you can’t help it. Just don’t underestimate meditation. It’s a powerful weapon you can use. Search on YouTube. Pick a meditation you like. Also, there’s anxiety yoga if you want to search for sessions like that on YouTube.


One last note

Sure you may find some helpful tips in this anxiety kit.

And if you’re committed and willing to change you can start a journal or planner or something like that to keep tracking your progress and take notes. After all, you’re your own doctor.
For those who can’t design their own planners, I’ve designed a printable planner that will help you start your new journey. Here’s the link if you want to take a look. (New Beginning printable planner). I’ve provided many ideas and pages to help you move on.


and please remember, sometimes it’s ok to cry alone and let go of some stuck negative thoughts.

also, you’re not alone in this.

Some of the worst anxiety and panic attacks were when there’s no one around, late at night when everyone is sleeping. If you get into such a situation and needed someone to hear you or stay awake til you’re better you can contact me. I really don’t mind. I’m not a pro but I can listen to you or talk with you if that’s what helps. take your mind out of it. I’ll just be with you on chat until you feel calm again. Contact me on instagram DM.



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