Free app for digital planners

Hello awesome people.
In this post I’ll be giving you my most recommended apps for digital planning, One of them is free and awesome. 
All apps mentioned in this post are working with my own planners. So feel free to check out my shop if you’re interested in digital planning.
A free sample is also available here to test the apps if you’re not sure –> Link


First app is the free awesome app I found by coincidence. You will LOVE it. 

It’s free but you can upgrade to get more awesome tools. 
The free version however, allows you to do pretty much everything you need to use your digital planner. There’re also some downloadable stickers! you can use them for free or you can add your own stickers by pulling them from your photos app directly to your planner. 

This app works perfectly with my planners. 
It’s free. 
Try it with my free sample if you’re not sure or you’re new to the whole digital planning experience. Link to the free sample


Second and third apps are well known and they’re too famous to be explained! 


I know there’re many other apps out there but I prefer and use only these 3 apps. Feel free to try more apps and add your recommendations if you like. 
Don’t forget to check both planners and stickers in my personal shop or in Etsy 


Have a lovely day!


Free app for digital planners