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Starting a bullet journal, How to customize it to fit my schedule?

When starting a bullet journal you might face some issues. Like when you’re not sure what to write in your bullet journal or planner. Although you know you have many things to do daily or weekly. but when you try to write them down they look too obvious to write, Or you just can’t remember the important tasks!

I’ve been there. when I started My first bullet journal There were times when my whole month contains one single page with (To Do List) title. I end up by randomly adding everything on that list. You know what? it’s not something to laugh about. In fact, it’s still normal in many cases. Like for those who don’t have many tiny tasks but instead, they have a huge kind of task that takes the whole day.

🌗 So, how to overcome this problem when starting a bullet journal?

First of all. you’ll need to use a super cheap or old notebook for around 2 weeks. I used an old notebook that I only use to try new pen or try a doodle before drawing on my main journal.

Pick any random page and start writing (for one or 2 weeks) the daily tasks that you really wish to keep.

🌗 Examples of daily or weekly habits you might recognize.

Let’s say you bought a new face-mask, let’s face it, you’re not a clock. You’ll forget to use it sometimes, especially if it’s not supposed to be used daily. and by the time you’ll keep ignoring it and getting lazy because it’s not a regular habit that takes a time in your schedule.

You read about a meditation and you want to start practicing every 3 days. you don’t have to really do it for now. just write it down. You’ll find this step so importing for you later when starting a real bullet journal.

You bought a plant and you think you can remember watering it like a boss. Nope, a few weeks later you started to forget watering your poor plant. Not blaming you, you have many daily tasks.

🌗 Why is this important?

What you’re doing is collecting data. you wanna know what will fit in your routine and what will be just an extra job that you’ll keep avoiding until you delete it eventually.

🌗 In short, what do you need to start?

  • pen
  • old/unused notebook
  • be aware of your daily tasks
  • give yourself a time to try things and see if it suits you

🌗 How long will it take until I start using a real bullet journal?

it’s up to you, 2 weeks might be enough. if you like to practice more why not? it’s your bullet journal no one is watching. The final result is what matters here. Some people will find themselves ready in one week or less. It depends on your lifestyle. So, take the time you need.

🌗 Why do I need to start a bullet journal?

Because it’s a life changer. You won’t understand how powerful it is until you try and see the difference.

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Have a nice day!~

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