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Free Digital Planner

Free Digital Planner

No Account needed / no register. Just click and download from the link below.

I used them on GoodNotes. This is my recommended app. if you use another app please tell me if it works or not.

This Free Digital Planner includes:

– Undated calendar

– Monthly Pages

– Weekly pages with (notes) block. You can insert anywhere in your planner if you need extra.

– Tracker main page where you click on the current month to go to the tracker page.

– Month to month tracker.

– Lined pages ( you can insert them anywhere in your planner if you want extra)

– Blank pages ( Also can be inserted anywhere in the planner) can be used as sticker album or vision board or mood board.

I hope you’ll find it useful. If you’re looking for more pages, more advanced planner check out the link and the picture at the very end of the post. It’s the planner I’m using starting this month.

Download Link


planner by antheia art

Need Stickers to start filling your Digital Planner?

Check out my Etsy shop. I’m going to Upload more soon.

This digital set is a good match for this planner:

Free Digital Planner

( Digital stickers Link )

Also, Check out my new undated digital planners if you want more advanced one:

( Click Here for my other Planners.. The free planner is above, you’ve missed it 😀 )



  • Cheyanne

    Why i cannot click the clickable tabs? I use GoodNotes to open it

    • Antheia Art

      Hello Cheyanne. This happen for two reasons:
      1- you are in writing mode. Tabs works in reading mode.
      2- The file needs to be opened in Safari browser, then click share from the right corner, and from there you choose to open with GoodNotes.

  • Juana

    Every time I click on the link for the free one it takes me to a new tab and doesn’t download. How do I fixed that?

    • Antheia Art

      Hello Juana. Open the link in your Safari browser. It will be downloaded in the right corner.
      The link is working just fine, I’ve just check from multiple devices.

  • Jerri

    Thank You. This is a beautiful planner

    • Antheia Art

      My pleasure! Thank you for your kind reply.

  • Dafny Flores

    I love the planner! Thank you!! Do you know any apps for iPhone that I can edit on this?

    • Antheia Art

      Hello Dafny. Thank you for your reply 🥰
      “GoodNotes” and “Notability” are both recommended. Honestly, I haven’t tried anything else because I’m fond of GoodNotes.
      But I keep seeing people writing about few apps like OneNote – ZoomNotes – Metamoji Note. You can try these but I haven’t. so forgive me if they didn’t really help 🙂
      Enjoy your planning.

  • Amber

    Hey, how do you go in read mode on goodnotes?

    • Antheia Art

      Hey Amber. From the upper right corner you will see a pencil icon with a slash over it. click that and you’ll be in the reading mode. That icon will turn into a pencil inside a circle. If you click it again you’ll be in writing mode.

  • Nikita Bathla

    Hi I downloaded this into good notes and went into read mode. The links still don’t seem to be clickable. Is there something I’m doing wrong? 🙁

    • Antheia Art

      Hello Nikita. This happened before with other friends who used the planner. It turned out that you get a problems with links if you import the planner from GoodNotes app. The problem was fixed when they opened the download link via Safari browser and from there they click the share icon from the upper right corner. Then just click “Open in GoodNotes” This might seem silly but it did work many times.

  • Freddie

    Hello Antheia is there a way to change the colour of the planner. I am colour blind and struggle to see the text.

    • Antheia Art

      Hello Freddie. Thank you for being interested in my digital planner.
      May I ask you to contact me via direct message at any social media platform you use? ^ or the “Contact me” form up there.
      I don’t know any way to change the colors of the text using GoodNotes or any other app. However, I wanna give another solution.
      Wish you a lovely day.

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