Simple Digital planner undated – iPad


Simple Digital planner

this is a digital planner, not an app that works in its own. You need certain apps to use as mentioned in the title.
Recommended Apps: GoodNotes / Notability.

Don’t purchase if you don’t have the apps, they will NOT work without an app.

^ sorry about that, wanted to make sure you see it

Simple Digital planner

This Simple Digital Planner includes:

– Undated calendar.
– Monthly Pages.
– Weekly pages with “Notes” block.
– Tracker main page to click on the month you want to track.
– Month to month tracker.
– Lined pages ( you can insert them anywhere you need in your planner).
– Blank pages ( also can be inserted anywhere in the planner ) can be used as stickers album, vision board or mood board.


Why do I call it “Simple”? 

I have more planners that I spent days or sometimes weeks to make, they are more advanced. You can check out these advanced ones in my shop. Also, this planner’s tabs are still. If you are in June’s pages for example, you will see all the previous months’ tabs are still in the right side. However, my other planners will give you a realistic experience where the tabs’ places are changing according to your current spot in the planner. Wonderful, right?

I hope you will find it useful. If you are looking for more options, more advanced planner check out my other planners in my [shop]. They have more options.

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