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Rasa Coffee review

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Rasa Coffee review

This is Rasa Coffee, My favorite coffee alternative for my anxiety days.

Rasa Coffee review

It’s not just for my anxiety. The herbs used in Rasa blend are actually some of the herbs you want to add to your life.

For almost a year, I’ve been looking for dried herbs like dandelion and Ashwagandha since I can’t grow them where I live.

I’ve read about these kinds of herbs and their benefits. You might hear of them if you’re interested in Ayurveda. God, I really admire Ayurveda.

So, a few months ago I found all these herbs in one cool blend made by Rasa.



They have 3 kinds:

First one is “Dark, Rich & Balanced” which is Light-Caf.

The second is “Dark, Rich & Chocolatey” which is Barely-Caf.

The last one is “Dark, Rich & Roasty” which is No-Caf.

I bought the “Starter Pack“, it includes 4 Servings for each kind of the 3 above.

Rasa use recyclable bags.

And there’s more products, recipes, blogs in their shop, you can visit their site:



About the taste

If you’re a Starbucks fan who only wants to drink sugary drinks then you won’t like it, but it’s definitely your loss.

I had to stop drinking coffee when my anxiety paid a visit a few months ago. If you’ve dealt with anxiety you might know that your anxiety can be triggered by some circumstances and you have to know better than to provoke it. Stopping caffeine is one of your best choices. I have a whole page about anxiety and a complete kit for it here: “Anxiety kit“.

 Anyway, after I got better I went to drink my normal black coffee again, it was the first cup in 6 weeks.

Guess what? it was awful! because my tongue was already used to Rasa coffee.

So, I’m telling you if you drink Rasa for the first time and didn’t like it, it’s because your tongue isn’t used to it.

I had to drink it instead of coffee for a while, but after that I continued to drink it because I love it.

I managed to cut the caffeine while enjoying another drink that I like.